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First of all, as you can tell I have changed this Blog site. I have now organized it as such:

This website will be a compilation of various bits and pieces I find interesting on the internet and beyond. As for my writing, I will be moving all my stories, both short and long, to a new website, same name but a much different service altogether. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to follow my writings and such.

Posted Stories & Such

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New favorite group... FlyLeaf

Sometimes you stumble across a group or a sound that totally rocks your world, Flyleaf is that group.

They say dynamite comes in small packages but delivers a knock-out punch, so does Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf. Not only can she belt out the lyrics, she's also a screamer, so prepare yourself, surprised me the first time I heard her do it. Another thing, they are actually a Christian faith band, which makes them doubly great in my opinion. God loves worship, and there are many ways to worship.

Check out their sound... if you got the guts.

And by the way, they will be at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 9th, 2009, along with a few others...

Our little girl...

We've had a bit of sadness today, we lost our little lady. This little darling was with us only a few days, but during that time her playful little spirit touched both me and my wife Janet, leaving a lasting impression to last a lifetime.

It often seems that lives that burn brightest often burn only a very short time.

We will always love and miss you little girl, God bless you, and know that you will always be with us. We'll miss your tumbling little walk and beautiful blue eyes. Thank you for sharing your brief but beautiful life with us.

What more can be said...

Totally Awesome...

This is an awesome, yet terrible disease...


Sorry about the lapse in blogging lately, been away for for Senior High Church Camp. Had a fantastic time, so much in fact, that I want to include a link to the Myspace account.

GodStruck, The Jesus Tour 2009

We also have a Facebook account... simply go to Facebook and type in GodStruck, if you have any probs let me know. One truly cool aspect to this camp... we were at Starlight Theater last year for Rock the Light, a Christian concert event which happens every summer, ran into an awesome band from Australia called Jael, and actually got them to spend a week with us at camp... totally awesome.

The second most cool thing to happen, my kids got me a Kindle 2 for Fathers Day... needless to say, it totally rocks as well. This little gizmo is awesome, I've already downloaded about ten books... believe it or not, there's a lot of freebie ebooks out there. I highly recommend this device if your an avid reader such as myself.. a little pricey, but I believe in it.

A little shortcut to an awesome site: Kindle Free E-Books