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First of all, as you can tell I have changed this Blog site. I have now organized it as such:

This website will be a compilation of various bits and pieces I find interesting on the internet and beyond. As for my writing, I will be moving all my stories, both short and long, to a new website, same name but a much different service altogether. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to follow my writings and such.

Posted Stories & Such

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Watch for it....

An ‘Unkindness’ of Ravens

     Overhead a strange new comet burns the night sky, while in the midst of Vatican City an ancient Bay tree, having blossomed faithfully for the last five hundred years, begins to lose its silvered leaves. In the Big Apple, frightful whispers, a murder of crows… ominous signs as ‘fear’ begins to spread. Of strange men and even stranger forces- and scrawled in blood down the side of the Majestic Theater:

'Tis thought the king is dead and we will not stay.
The bay-trees in our country are all wither'd
And meteors fright the fixed stars of heaven;
The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth
And lean-look'd prophets whisper fearful change’

     November the 17th, just five weeks shy of Christmas. On this particular night, a night like any other, Theo Valerian will meet his youngest son for the very first time and never even realize it-

And so it begins…


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