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First of all, as you can tell I have changed this Blog site. I have now organized it as such:

This website will be a compilation of various bits and pieces I find interesting on the internet and beyond. As for my writing, I will be moving all my stories, both short and long, to a new website, same name but a much different service altogether. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to follow my writings and such.

Posted Stories & Such

Just click on the link above, or to the right, and you will be redirected to this new site.


On being poor...

John Scalzi is a fantastic writer and all around good guy with a lot to say and the common sense to say it. I have been a fan of Mr. Scalzi's for quite some time, the man has a way with words... if you don't believe me then check this out On Being Poor, a column he wrote a couple of years ago that speaks more truth then you'll want to hear. I definitely can relate.


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