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First of all, as you can tell I have changed this Blog site. I have now organized it as such:

This website will be a compilation of various bits and pieces I find interesting on the internet and beyond. As for my writing, I will be moving all my stories, both short and long, to a new website, same name but a much different service altogether. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to follow my writings and such.

Posted Stories & Such

Just click on the link above, or to the right, and you will be redirected to this new site.


The Red Tree....

Some time ago I ran across a little book I like to call 'just this side of terrifying', to read. You can find it here,
Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves. As before, a frightening little adventure down some of the darkest paths literature has to offer. (As a bonus 'House' is presented in a very unique format, one worth checking out) Caitlin Kiernan The Red Tree offers much the same kind of story, disturbingly dark but worth the venture... From the many reviews already out, I'd have to say this book is a definite must read for any fan of horror. Check it, I know I'm going to.


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